1981- The Organ was built in 1981 by the organ building company Sauer, Frankfurt / Oder, Germany.

2023-The Organ was sampled by Raphael Langklotz, We took over the technical work.


Gedackt 8'

Rohrflöte 4'

Prinzipal 2'

Scharff II - III

                Technical Information 

Sample and Bit rate: 48kHz, 24Bits - 32 Bit Availible

4 Channels : Organist , Close , Front , Rear 

Manual Compass: C - f4

Memory Requirements (Lossless Compression) 


32 Bit- GB

24 Bit - GB

16 Bit - GB


32 Bit- GB

24 Bit  - GB

16 Bit  - GB

These requirements might vary slightly, allow about 2GB on top of this amount to calculate the minimum you should have installed on your computer for it to run without issues.